Projects & Missions Trips

In addition to providing food in an ongoing basis, we also engage in various projects to improve the lives of the children at Remar Orphanage. Projects are chosen by working directly with the director of Remar Orphanage.

January 2017

This trip was focused on repairs to the Remar school and orphanage. Our work consisted of approximately: 2 dozen toilets repaired, 60 electrical ballasts replaced, 120 fluorescent lightbulbs replaced, 90 incandescent lightbulbs replaced, 60 drop ceiling tiles replaced, two dozen fluorescent light fixture covers replaced, a dozen toilet valves replaced, a dozen sink valves replaced, a dozen sink faucets replaced, a dozen shower valves and heads replaced, a dozen toilet seats replaced, and replacement of the old water system with a new water system (water tank, water pump, air tank, with electrical and safety devices).

august 2017

The first day at Remar Orphanage, the team blessed the children with water bottles, towels, shoes, pajamas, socks, and underwear. Then, with assistance from the Outreach team, the children performed a play of the Bible story of Joseph.

The team threw a Hawaiian themed party for the kids and had a photoshoot. The children received individual framed photos of the pictures that were taken. In the evening, the outreach team served pupusas and juice to the children and showed them an animated film of the Bible story of Joseph.

The remaining days consisted of hard work installing 26 ceiling fans in the dormitories of the children. The team was able to involve some of the older boys in the orphanage to assist with the installation.

Special thanks to the Shuzz Foundation for providing the shoe donations for the children.